Dimon as Treasury Secretary

Things are just getting laughable at this point…

Warren Buffet (The guy who owns preferred stock in Goldman Sachs, and sizeable amounts of stock in both Wells Fargo and Bank of America – either personally or through Berkshire Hathaway and obviously has no interest in continuing the greatest theft of wealth in the history of the world, also known as Central Banking) suggested that Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan/Chase, would be the ideal candidate to be the Secretary of the Treasury (whom you might recognize from crisis like the 2008 banking collapse, the London Whale debacle, and the whole Libor scandal).

Are you shitting me?  Does Buffet wake up in the morning and think to himself: “I haven’t seen a group of people with their heads so far up their own asses in my entire life. They have no clue! Let’s just see how far we can push this thing…I have to call Dimon, he’s gonna love it!”?

Here’s a guy that is so involved with the banking fraud, with the central banks, with the theft of YOUR labor (aka inflation) that he has literally stopped trying to hide his bullshit, and is giving it to us on a platter next to our favorite sides.

Thankfully, and believe me this doesn’t happen often, the Huffington Post agrees with me on this one.


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